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According to the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria, two-thirds of Australian women in paid employment have reported violence from their current
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There are many of our workmates, friends and family members who experience mental health problems but may be embarrassed about how
Research shows singing is one of the most effective and enjoyable ways of maintaining our mental ability across the life span.
10 Key Tips for Success with New Years Resolutions Lots of people make New Years resolutions every year. For many people,
    For most people, Christmas is a time of celebration, catching up with family and friends and generally being merry.
    Many people report having problems remembering names, even when meeting small groups of people for the first time. However,
This presentation describes healthy self-esteem. Self-belief and self-confidence is based on our own intrinsic qualities and resilient in the face of
This short 3 hour course for supervisors, managers and team leaders will provide strategies and techniques for assisting people in dispute
Whenever two or more people gather together, a conflict potential is created. This is largely because we all have different personalities,
Peer Support training in a workplace is a pro-active way to address issues of stress and is comprised of three key
Key people in organisations are often called upon to assist individuals in the aftermath of highly stressful incidents, or who experience
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Ashcliffe can undertake online mental health audits of workgroups using internet based survey tools.  This audit is customised to meet the
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From time to time, employees within your organisation may be subjected to crises and emergencies which are sudden, unexpected and highly
Addiction is a behaviour that manifests as a reliance upon certain actions or substances to function normally.  Some behaviours are noticed
All work roles can have times and tasks which create pressure and high demand. These times and tasks are best handled when
Team dynamics can be difficult to manage especially when there are conflicting needs and competing interpersonal interactions.  This 3 hour workshop
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