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This presentation describes healthy self-esteem. Self-belief and self-confidence is based on our own intrinsic qualities and resilient in the face of personal setbacks and losses. It’s important to avoid undue or inappropriate self-criticism and to believe in one’s own worth. Techniques are described to build optimism, confidence, emotional balance and self-direction. Myths about self-esteem are also discussed.

This short 3 hour course for supervisors, managers and team leaders will provide strategies and techniques for assisting people in dispute to systematically isolate the issues in conflict, consider options for resolution and reach an agreement which accommodates the needs of all involved.  Examples used in this course would include complaints by one staff member against another, relating to perceived inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour, dealing with a “personality clash” and …

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Whenever two or more people gather together, a conflict potential is created. This is largely because we all have different personalities, beliefs, values and expectations. Most of us are not highly skilled when it comes to managing conflict and usually end up in reacting to differences and disagreements.  This presentation highlights the traps of conflict and provides some key strategies on how to resolve or manage conflict, rather than let …

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