Short training courses for the Workplace

Dealing with the Difficult Behaviour of People

There are times when you may be confronted with criticism or sarcasm. Some people tend to overreact when their expectations are not met.  These individuals may respond with behaviour which is critical, patronising, sarcastic, or even verbally aggressive. This presentation focuses on how to respond to such behaviour rather than react to it by using strategies of verbal defusion to become more confident in managing difficult inter-personal situations.

For a detailed outline of this training, contact us.

Domestic Violence and Impact on the Workplace (1 hour brief presentation or full training 3 hours)

In 2015, PricewaterhouseCoopers estimated the impact of DV in Australia costs the nation $21.7 billion a year.  Two thirds of women who reported being abused by their partners were in paid employment.  As a consequence the effects of domestic violence has implications for employee’s, leaders and managers.  Information during this session is provided in two formats.

A 1 hour presentation for all employees provides general information of domestic violence, its impact and referral resources.

The training workshop is aimed at leaders, managers, health specialists, HR, rehab and injury management consultants. This workshop provides detailed information specific to workplace presentations, high risk times, providing support, management within the workplace and an opportunity for case studies and examples.

Post Trauma & Critical Incident related counselling

Ashcliffe Psychologists are experienced in providing support and assistance in the aftermath of critical incidents and traumatic events.  Contact Ashcliffe for more information.

Fitness for Work assessments

A “Fitness for Work” referral involves a formal request made to Ashcliffe Psychology for an employee or contractor to be assessed by a psychologist, following concerns being raised in relation to that person’s fitness to safely perform his / her duties. Typical referrals involve:

• An employee returning to work after being diagnosed with a mental health disorder
• An employee behaving in a manner that raises concerns about his/her mental well-being
• Concerns about an employee’s well-being after he/she was involved in a critical incident.
• An employee breaching the employer’s AOD policy.

Work Place Training

Peer Support training in a workplace is a pro-active way to address issues of stress and is comprised of three key elements: …

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Ashcliffe can undertake online mental health audits of workgroups using internet based survey tools.  This audit is customised to meet the needs …

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