Have you recently…

Walked into a room and couldn’t recall why you went there?

Left items behind when you have gone out?

Had problems recalling the name of someone, a TV show or movie you saw?

Been unable to remember where you placed your keys, wallet or purse?

Found you could not recall a word you know well?

Forgotten what you wanted to say in mid-conversation?

These are examples of lapses in “working memory”. They are not uncommon and most of us have similar memory problems from time-to-time. However, these experiences suggest we need to be more aware of how our memory works and develop greater insight into our mental functioning. This seminar provides helpful suggestions and practical strategies on how you could improve your working memory.


A two-hour seminar conducted by an experienced psychologist, followed by two individual sessions over the next month. These sessions can be either face-to-face or via on-line video contact at a time that suits you.

Working memory is the ability to process and recall information encoded in the last 30 to 60 seconds. Our working memory has limited capacity. Its role is to temporarily hold information so it’s available to be applied to current tasks. Research tells us the average person’s working memory ability peaks around age 30, then declines about 10% for every decade we age afterwards. However, advances in cognitive science and memory development studies have shown encouraging evidence for the idea that our memory can not only be preserved, but can be enhanced across the life-span.

By participating in this seminar and follow-up consultations, you will benefit by:

  • Gaining a helpful insight into how your memory works
  • Understanding the 4 key memory types
  • Learning about what helps, hinders and damages your memory
  • Appreciating how neuroplasticity and cognitive reserve work
  • Understanding the impact of exercise and diet on your mental functioning
  • Learning key mental attention and information recall techniques
  • Appreciating the use of “memory aids” to assist the recall of information
  • Gaining helpful information on brain training and how to use this effectively
  • Being provided with an individual memory profile assessment
  • Developing a personal memory enhancement plan.


Michael Tunnecliffe is a Clinical Psychologist with more than 30 years experience. He has been an invited presenter to conferences around Australia and overseas on improving mental health in the workplace.


Seminar fee: $275 (incl GST)

This fee covers the seminar and 2 individual follow-up sessions, plus course notes and other resources.

Please Note: Seminar places are limited.


Places on this seminar can be booked by calling:

0455 455 855

or by emailing the booking form on this page to:

For more information, contact Michael Tunnecliffe:

Phone: 0455 455 855


Thursday 30th November 2017  (5.30pm to 7.30pm)

Venue: “The Acumen Centre”, 48 Kishorn Road, Applecross





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