Matrix Program

Ashcliffe Psychology’s Perth Matrix Program supports and educates people to master life without Addiction.

At Ashcliffe Psychology, we are passionate about supporting people to help overcome unhelpful thinking and unhealthy cognitive patterns or behaviours, such as addiction.

This is why we offer the Matrix Program in Perth – an intensive non-residential treatment program for addiction. The Matrix Program has been adapted from The Matrix Model which is a combination of evidence-based interventions to support and assist individuals in recovery from addiction to methamphetamine, ICE, cocaine, alcohol, cannabis, prescription medication and similar substances.

Ashcliffe Psychology Directors Kerryn Ashford-Hatherly and Michael Tunnecliffe have both been trained to Supervisor level at the Matrix Institute in the United States. For anyone looking to address their substance abuse and addictive behaviours in Perth, our clinic may be able to help.

The Matrix Program is not for everyone.  It asks a lot from participants, and as such our facilitators and lived experience mentor are all incredibly supportive.  The Matrix Program sits in between residential treatment and regular counselling.  For people who need more than regular counselling but due to work and family commitments cannot commit to residential treatment, then Matrix Program may be of benefit.

The Matrix Program includes psycho-education, cognitive behaviour therapy, motivational interviewing, schema therapy, family and friends education evenings and contingency management.

What are the primary goals behind the Matrix Program?

  • Help participants to regain a sense of control in their lives
  • Provide education about addiction, relapse and recovery
  • Offer opportunities to practise new skills
  • Develop strong supportive networks for abstaining from substances
  • Facilitate new ways to solve problems and manage anxiety or stress
  • Encourage steps towards positive change
  • Improve resilience

The Matrix Model revolves around eight guiding principles:

  1. Establishing positive and respectful relationships
  2. Creating a client-centred therapeutic environment
  3. Providing clinically relevant and evidence-based information and education
  4. Incorporating a variety of evidence-based treatment approaches to meet each client’s individual needs
  5. Ensuring positive reinforcement and encouragement
  6. Supporting engagement and education for families and friends
  7. Encouraging participants to engage in self-help and community-based programs for a more fulfilling life
  8. Random and periodic substance testing

What’s the process for engaging in our Matrix Program in Perth?

To begin the engagement process for the Matrix Program, you will need to make an appointment to discuss your individual treatment needs.   This appointment does involve a $50 booking fee.  After the appointment and if you wish to continue we invite you to attend two of our group sessions prior to committing to the program. There is no cost or obligation to do this.

The information session (plus the two group sessions) will give you an idea of what’s expected of you throughout the program and assist us in better understanding your personal circumstances and any other mental health issues that may coincide with substance abuse.

Treatment is delivered through an intensive non-residential approach that spans 48 weeks. The first phase requires attending at least three sessions per week, for 20 weeks. This is followed by another 28 weeks where sessions focus on skills training and social support. In this second phase, the participant is expected to attend at least one session a week.

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Please note: Ashcliffe Psychology is not in any way affiliated with, or endorsed by, Clare Matrix (USA).


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The Matrix Program can be an option for those looking to address substance abuse and addictive behaviours in Perth. To speak with a professional member of our team about Matrix, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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